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HSBC Business
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What's New

Domestic payment fee increase for Corporate banking via HSBCnet
Effective from 14th September 2009 (Monday), HSBC will be increasing a fee for domestic 3rd party transfer via HSBCnet.

Inward telegraphic transfer fee change
the standard fee of inward telegraphic transfer will be changed as of May.1, 2009

Tariff and Charges
Tariff and charges are revised as below.

Cash and Treasury Management 2.0 seminar
'HSBC’s Guide to Cash and Treasury Management in Asia Pacific' Launch Event

Interest Rate
HSBC will change the standard interest rate of Corporate Free Installment Deposit for corporate customers...

PCM Sponsors 'KCFO Annual Conference 2008'
HSBC sponsored “The KCFO Annual Conference 2008” held at Westin Chosun Hotel on Jun.26...

Value Up 2008 FX Outlook & Option Seminar
Value up 2008 FX Outlook & Option Seminar was successfully held by HSBC for customers..